Lisa Lee

I’m a
Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

and creative coder based in Stockholm. I’m a current
Hyper Island student

Hyper Island student

with freelance experience and a former
Project Manager

Project Manager

in the fields of civil engineering and architecture.
Portrait of Lisa Lee
At Hyper Island, I have had
the opportunity to learn from
industry professionals, gain
relevant knowledge and experience
of the latest technologies and
work in agile development teams
for real clients. I have acquired
basic knowledge in HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, React and Node.js,
been introduced to UX/UI-design,
accessibility, working with
databases, APIs and TDD etc.
In addition, I have taken every
chance to challenge myself
and my creative ability by
trying new frameworks and
libraries to add exciting
elements in my design.

Parallel with my studies,
I have worked on side projects
such as being involved in starting
a magazine and arranging community
markets in three of Stockholm's
southern suburbs.
Knowing that what I do will leave
a positive impact on people and
the future is a strong motivating
factor for me and is something I
intend to continue doing.
From Hyper I bring with me valuable
insights and tools to foster team
development and self-leadership.

Personal Projects

Student Projects

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2022- | Klingit

Project Manager Web Design and Development

2020-2022 | Hyper Island

Diploma Frontend Developer

2019-2021 | Freelance

Web Developer/Designer

2019-2020 | Engineers without borders

Volunteer work

Incubation Project Coordinator

2017-2020 | White Arkitekter

Project Manager

2016-2017 | ÅF

Project Manager

2014-2016 | Familjebostäder

Junior Project Manager

2011-2013 | Chalmers University of Technology

MSc Design for Sustainable Development

2012 | Newcastle University

Exchange studies MSc Urban planning

2007-2010 | Chalmers University of Technology

BSc Civil Engineering

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